Business English B2 - Kurs-Nr.: 3246

You find using English in your professional life difficult or challenging? You are nervous about business situations in which you are required to speak English face-to-face or on the phone? You regularly interact with international clients, customers or business partners and don’t feel comfortable doing so? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then this course is what you are looking for. It is intended for intermediate English-speakers, who would like to become more familiar with using English in everyday business situations. Therefore, writing proper business letters, emails, participating in meetings and conferences or telephone conversations as regular business interactions will be made part of the program. We will examine various business themes, situations, terminology, expressions and more. Summed up, during this course participants will become better-equipped for the everyday challenges in international business. The instructor for this course is a native English speaker from the United States. Coursebook: Business Partner B2, Pearson Education Limited.

Jeffrey Jarvis
Postelheim , Markt 29 , 25746 Heide , R 03

Mittwoch, 18.09.2019, 19:15 – 20:45 Uhr

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